Red Floor Modular Single Channel Dropover


Connects directly to our Red Floor Mobility Access Ramp with our Red Floor 5 Channel Cable Ramp (RF5-31) or via the intermediate piece to our Red Floor 3 Channel Cable Ramp (RF3-55).

Can also be individually connected to our Red Floor 5 side ramps (RF5-31-FR and RF5-31-MR) to allow the user to protect as many cables as required.

  • Drop over design eliminates the need for protective lids and eases cable handling.
  • Suitable for high volume vehicular traffic.
  • Manufactured from a proprietary UV stabilised and halogen free durable polyurethane, non conductive material.
  • Includes the same unique anti slip tread pattern as all our CableGuards at the surface.
  • Operating Temperature −40ºC to +49ºC.
  • Maximum load per axle 9140 Kg @ 20°C.

Part Number:

Number of channels 1
Channel Size W x H (mm) 50 x 44
Height (mm) 50
Width (mm) 82
Length (mm) 910
Weight (kg) 2.1

* Dimensions and weights are nominal and accurate to approximately 1%